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Do you have any problems with your teeth? Hope, you will choose our clinic. We will do our best to make your teeth healthy and nice. You are welcome!

  • We are working from 9am to 7pm daily
  • Inspections and consultations are from 9:00am to 9:30am and throughout the day.

Dental implants – Swedish implant system NobelBioCare with Ti-Unite coating for quick implant implantation. Implant system №1 in the world. A large clinical experience, 98-99% of engraftment.

Procera – Swedish innovative technology for automatic tooth design – is a computer simulation of fully ceramic teeth based on Zirconia Dioxide – super precision precision, natural tooth refraction and pink gums without bluish edges, great aesthetics.

“All on 4” or another “All for Four” – A new concept that allows you to get your teeth in one day! You only need 4 implants per jaw and you get beautiful teeth that you can eat and smile, there are no more toothless mouths and dropping prostheses. -Things are held on FOUR implants-firmly, reliably and beautifully. Even if you have worn teeth that are no longer in your mouth, this technology will remove them all and put 4 implants at once and make you a full dentition for them in one day. Start your life anew with a new smile!

Bone and gum plastic – Bone mass, correction, autologous transplantation, restoration of the gingival contour, operation of raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus-open and closed sinus lifting.

Neuromuscular concept of dentistry – all dental reconstructive interventions are performed taking into account the most correct joint and skeletal-muscular relationships under the strict control of diagnostic equipment.

Treatment of dysfunctions of the TMJ and occlusion disorders – Full restoration of the musculo-articular complex of the chewing apparatus.

Orthodontics – Correction of bites with the help of sapphire and metal braces – classic reliability and predictable result.

Invisiline (USA) – Correction of bite-free bites with cap-elainers. Comfort and comfort, invisibility of design. Computer calculation of the result. Stable effect

Ceramic veneers – Made from extra strong German glass ceramics IPS E-max. Veneers will turn your jagged yellow teeth into perfection, while they are so thin that the teeth undergo minimal processing no more than 0.3-0.5 mm, but they have incredible strength and beauty.

Soft (nylon) dentures – fast addiction to the prosthesis, light in weight, aesthetic, no metal elements.

Photo bleaching “ZOOM-4” in one hour! – The latest Zoom-4 device of the American company Discus Dental operates in the clinic. It is known throughout the world as the best bleaching system. Absolutely harmless and with an excellent result for many years. Whitening became even faster, safer and more efficient

NANO – Kerr’s light-curing fillings are used for aesthetic restoration of teeth. Your seals will stand for tens of years.

Pottery on precious metals – Gold and Platinum – noble metals, lack of an allergic reaction of the body.

Japanese ceramic mass from Shofu – Ideal color and light transmission, unlimited individual capabilities, high fracture toughness, biocompatibility. Durability.

Florida Proub – Computer diagnostics of periodontal disease.

Treatment of gums with the apparatus «Vector» – there are no more gum disease, mobile teeth and unpleasant odor.

Clasp prosthesis on hidden locks (attachments) – if you are contraindicated for some reason implants, our specialists will make you a comfortable and aesthetic prosthesis without hooks and other visible fastening elements, as compact and comfortable as possible in toe and chewing.

Reinforced full and partial prostheses are the basis of prostheses from high-strength gum-simulating plastic reinforced with a gilded mesh to prevent fractures of the prosthesis. Beautiful sets of teeth produced by Japan Yamahachi Dental

Make your smile beautiful!